Peninsula Schoolies 2023

Saturday 25 November to Friday 1 December 2023


Schoolies Hub

The official Rye Schoolies Party zone on the Rye foreshore with DJs every night.


Bus Service

We’ll get you safely home to your accommodation around the Mornington Peninsula.


Support if you need it

Our wellbeing team are on hand whether you need directions, medical attention, or just someone to talk to.

Schoolies pass

For just $50, we provide the DJs, the dance space, the chill out zone and everything you need to have the time of your life all week. We’ll keep you safe while you party 🙂

Schoolies Hub: party zone on the Rye foreshore with DJs every night

Bus service: ‘Get home safe’ buses from the foreshore.

Support if you need it: our wellbeing team are on hand whether you need directions, medical attention, or just someone to talk to.

Schoolies Hub

Access to the Schoolies Hub (Rye Foreshore) requires a wristband. Wristbands are only sold to Year 12 school leavers. They cost $50 for a week-long pass and can be bought online or at the Schoolies Hub.

The Schoolies Hub will operate from 9pm to 1am, Saturday 25 November to Friday 1 December.

DJ line up and party themes

Each night, we’ll have a different party theme and DJs.

Saturday 25 November

Beach party with DJ Joey Lightbulb

Sunday 26 November

White Night

Monday 27 November

Op Shop

Tuesday 28 November

Glow Party

Wednesday 29 November


Thursday 30 November


Friday 1 December


Safety at Peninsula Schoolies

Our wellbeing support team are on the ground throughout the week-long Schoolies activities.

We are your sober friends providing:

  • ‘Get home safe’ buses
  • Pancake cook-ups and BBQs
  • Hub updates and emergency information
  • Sexual health resources
  • Friendly and trained staff to keep you safe
  • Red frog lollies of course!!

The wellbeing team includes Mornington Peninsula Shire Youth Workers and support staff, Red Frogs and DanceWize volunteers.

Staying safe in the Schoolies hub

Top safety tips

Headed to Schoolies? Here are a few tips to help you stay safe during your end-of-school celebrations:

  • Stick together – have a responsible friend to hang with so that you can keep an eye on each other.
  • Leave no one behind – even if you’ve had enough for the night, don’t leave any friends at the Schoolies Hub alone.
  • Arrange a meeting point – inside the Schoolies Hub in case you get separated from your friends.
  • Find your way home – have your accommodation address somewhere handy.
  • Stay hydrated – head to a Recharge Zone inside the Schoolies Hub for free water.
  • Keep your hands to yourself – groping without consent is assault.
  • Stay out of the water – swimming at night can be very dangerous and there may not be any lifeguards on duty to help if you get into trouble.
  • Wear shoes – there may be glass or sharp objects around.
  • Fully charge your phone – in case you can’t find your friends or need to call Triple Zero (000)
  • Just walk away – avoid violence or risk serious physical, emotional or criminal consequences. Remember, one punch can kill.
  • Behave responsibly – you never know who is watching. You could end up in someone’s social media feed or in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Help is always near

Our wellbeing support teams will be on hand Saturday 25 November to Friday 1 December, between 9pm and 2am.

You’ll see us inside and around the Schoolies Hub (wearing bright yellow vests).

Whether you need a walk home, are feeling unwell, have a friend who has drunk too much or just need a friendly face to talk to, a team will always be available to help.

Support is available

Bus Service – ask a wellbeing team member to take you to the bus service if you are ready for a lift back to your accommodation. Or for the Red Frogs hotline number if you are ready for a lift home. We’ll get you home safely.

Chill Out Zone – providing a safe and supervised chill out space for those who are drug or alcohol affected, offering free water, first aid and general support.

Red Frogs – whether you need help mediating a problem with your roommates, a walk home back to your accommodation or would simply love an in-room pancake cook up for you and your mates, Red Frogs Australia are your people. Call the Red Frogs hotline on 1300 557 123 (available 24 hours a day).

Please note this is not an emergency hotline – Schoolies requiring emergency assistance should always call Triple Zero (000).

Find out more about staying safe at Schoolies at Youth Central:

Information for parents/carers

Talking about Schoolies

Get tips for planning and talking about schoolies with your young person at Raising Children.

Make sure your young person is aware of our support services and registers with us ahead of Schoolies Week.

Information for local businesses and residents

The Mornington Peninsula Shire Schoolies response keeps young people safe while they celebrate.

Our Schoolies hub will have DJs and music from 8:30pm to 12:30am on the Rye foreshore from Saturday 25 November to Friday 1 December 2023.

The Rye foreshore carpark will be closed to the public each night during this time.

Mornington Peninsula Shire staff are working with local emergency services to keep Schoolies safe. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mornington Peninsula Shire Customer Service.


Peninsula Schoolies is proudly supported by: